Support an Active Lifestyle with Hearing Aids

Support an Active Lifestyle with Hearing Aids
Jeff Baller, Au.D., CCC-A

When you think back to older styles of hearing aids, they might seem. unsuited to active lifestyles. Those units tended to be bulky, loosely fitted, and subject to damage by the elements. Although some of these older styles weren’t right for some of activities, the latest hearing aids are suited to a wide range of lifestyles, hobbies, and pursuits. Not only can they withstand weather, moisture, and debris better than ever, but they can also sync with other media and audio to provide a seamlessly integrated experience in the world. 

These many styles of hearing aids that are built to handle the wide range of life experiences can also be confusing for a first-time purchaser of hearing aids. How can you tell which aids are right for you? Not only will you want to find hearing aids that are suited to your hearing loss, but you will also want to maximize the types of activities you can enjoy while wearing them. 

The good news is that we are here with the expertise and knowledge to match you with the right pair of hearing aids to suit all of your needs. All you need to do is to be sure to fully disclose the activities you hold dear, as well as an optimal way to integrate hearing care into your life. Don’t hesitate to ask and describe what you need. 

Hearing Aids and Sports

One of the most common requests in a hearing aid is the ability to wear your units while participating in sports or fitness activities. Particularly in the outdoors or in a team sport environment, you will want to not only have the hearing ability you need but also to wear aids that can withstand a beating. If you are interested in wearing hearing aids during a contact sport, you will want to find a tool that stays comfortably in place and allows the best communication possible. In addition to these needs, all sports participants will need hearing aids with some water resistance. Sweat can drip onto the sensitive components of hearing aids with the potential for water damage. Fortunately, many hearing aids come with a degree of water resistance for precisely this reason. Similarly, if you take part in outdoor activities, you might get caught in the rain without a way to protect your hearing aids from damage. If you like to take part in camping or other outdoor recreational activities, then water resistant hearing aids will help you make the most of the activities you enjoy. Along with water resistance, many hearing aids also offer protection from dirt, dust, and debris, making them suited to some of the other elements that might come your way. 

Hearing Aids and Streaming Media

Many of our activities are increasingly compatible with streaming media at the same time. Consider your average workout. Many people like to be able to play energizing music during a run, a podcast during an extended session at the gym, or an audiobook during a long walk. Many of the latest hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible with media sync capability, making it possible to listen to the media you enjoy while also hearing the sounds of the environment loudly enough to keep you safe. Another way to integrate these hearing aids into your active lifestyle is to play the audio from exercise videos and social fitness programs. Even those who wear wired earbuds and headphones while exercising struggle to be as mobile as they would like, and you can think of many of these latest hearing aids as a set of wireless earbuds in the same units. 

Treating Hearing Loss with Hearing Aids

When you think about how to integrate your hearing aids with an active lifestyle, the most important step you can take is to consult with our team of professional hearing health experts. When you disclose your needs for hearing assistance, the contexts in which that assistance is needed, as well as the unique features of your individual lifestyle, we can help pair you with a set of hearing aids that cover all the bases. Don’t hesitate to explain all the ways your hearing aids can assist you in your life both within and outside your home! 

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