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For the best hearing healthcare, seek treatment from a Doctor of Audiology. Choosing a hearing aid is only part of the solution – choosing the right audiologist is just as important! Office located in Lakewood and mobile services provided throughout Denver Metro.

Sydney Fitchett

"I work directly with Dr. Mary Todd. She is always timely and professional. Our participants absolutely love her and you can tell she cares deeply about each and every patient. Everyone at Professional Hearing is amazing."

4.9 star rating from +35 happy patients

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Get a customized treatment plan from our Audiologists.

We bring personalized hearing care directly to you. Combining advanced diagnostics, Real Ear Measurement and a commitment to personalized care, our Doctors of Audiology are dedicated to craft customized treatment plans that fit your lifestyle and needs.

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Doctors of Audiology

All our Audiologists are Doctors of Audiology

Best Practices

We adhere to evidence-based Best Practices

Mobile Audiology

We can reach you anywhere in the Denver Area

Hearing Aid Fittings

Experience precision and comfort with our hearing aid fittings, tailored to your unique lifestyle and hearing needs. Our expert audiologists ensure your device provides optimal hearing enhancement and comfort.

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Hearing Tests

Discover the clarity of sound again with our comprehensive hearing tests designed to accurately assess your hearing capabilities. Our detailed evaluation process helps identify the best solutions for your hearing health.

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Hearing Aid Repair

Keep your hearing aids performing at their best with our professional repair services. Whether it's routine maintenance or complex fixes, we're equipped to extend the life of your device.

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Earwax Removal

Safely and effectively remove earwax buildup with our gentle earwax removal services. This process not only improves hearing but also prevents potential damage to your ears.

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Tinnitus Management

Find relief from the constant ringing in your ears with our tinnitus management strategies. Our personalized approach aims to reduce the impact of tinnitus on your daily life.

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Mobile Audiology

Enjoy the convenience of top-tier audiology services right in your own home with our in-home audiology service. It's perfect for those who prefer the comfort and privacy of their own space for hearing care.

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Real Ear Measurement

Ensure your hearing aid's performance is perfectly matched to your hearing loss with Real Ear Measurement, a method that guarantees your device is tailored to your specific auditory profile and ear anatomy.

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Hearing Aid Programming

One of our key services is Hearing Aid Programming—a process that ensures your hearing aids are finely tuned to your specific hearing needs. We use advanced techniques like Real Ear Measurement as part of our hearing aid fitting and programming service.

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Complete in-home or in-office hearing care

Whether you prefer the comfort of your home or the familiarity of our office in Lakewood, Professional Hearing Services offers comprehensive hearing care tailored to you. Our wide range of services includes hearing tests, hearing aid fittings and programming, earwax removal, and tinnitus management. With the expertise of our Doctors of Audiology, we ensure each service is delivered with precision and compassion.

Meet Our Hearing Professionals

Our practice is home to some of the top-rated hearing care professionals in the Denver Metro area.

Jeff Baller, Au.D., CCC-A
Doctor of Audiology

Our audiologist Dr. Jeff Baller is the owner of Professional Hearing Services, Inc. He is a Board Certified Doctor of Audiology through the American Board of Audiology.

Mary-Todd Moseley, Au.D., CCC-A
Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Mary-Todd Moseley is a clinical audiologist at Professional Hearing Services, Inc.

Seth King, Au.D.
Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Seth King joined Professional Hearing Services in July of 2018.

Sundee Fogerty
Brand Ambassador / Audiology Assistant

Sundee joined Professional Hearing Services, Inc. in May 2018 as our Brand Ambassador and Audiology Assistant.

Cassie Botnick
Office Assistant

Cassie is the bright smiling face you see and the friendly voice you hear on the phone. She has been with PHS since 2020.

Patient Testimonials

Read real reviews from our patients, published on Google and other sites.

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"Dr. Moseley is a wonderful audiologist!  She is incredibly responsive, attentive, and empathetic.  She has helped my Dad be able to hear the birds again, and as a birder it means the world to him!  I would highly recommend working with her."
"Dr. Baller identified exactly the right hearing aids for my centenarian dad.  The responsive in-home follow-up and training ensured success.  Dad is once again part of the world around him."
"Very good,  love my new hearing aids. I am home bound and your mobile service was incredibly helpful. Thank you for professionally cleaning the ear wax out of my ears. Highly recommended!"
"I can't recommend Dr. Baller and his team highly enough! (...) The hearing aids we bought for my 93-year-old grandma are fabulous, and have been LIFE CHANGING both for her and for us. She was having a hard time really being able to connect with her friends, and getting more isolated. I wish we'd done this sooner. I can't recommend him highly enough! Thank you, Dr. Baller!"
"Since I have no car, it is so helpful to have this service which comes right to me.Dr. Baller is very pleasant and efficient. I am very grateful for their services."
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