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Features Own Voice Processing (OVP) for a natural perception of the wearer's voice, with advanced connectivity and automatic environmental adaptation for an optimized hearing experience.

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Hearing aids are a vital solution for individuals dealing with hearing loss. They not only enhance auditory experiences but also improve the overall quality of life. With the advancement in hearing aid technology, manufacturers are constantly pushing boundaries to deliver products that offer a seamless blend of aesthetics, functionality, and convenience. One such innovative product is the Signia Pure Charge&Go; IX hearing aids.

Introduction to Signia Pure Charge&Go; IX Hearing Aids

Signia, part of WS Audiology and the third-largest hearing aid manufacturer globally, has consistently delivered high-quality hearing aids for various types of hearing loss. The Signia Pure Charge&Go; IX hearing aids are the latest addition to their portfolio and present an amalgamation of impressive features and technologies.

The standout element in these devices is the Integrated Xperience (IX) technology, enabling the hearing aids to offer multiple beam-forming capabilities. Traditional beam-forming technology narrows in on one conversation at a time. However, the IX technology is designed to follow multiple conversations simultaneously, making it an excellent solution for individuals who often have to engage with numerous speakers at once.

Key Features of Signia Pure Charge&Go; IX Hearing Aids

Size and Shape

The flagship product, Signia Pure Charge&Go; IX, is one of the smallest behind-the-ear style hearing aids on the market. The device sits comfortably behind the ear, and the tiny receiver wire is barely visible, providing a discreet hearing solution for users.

Battery Life

Signia Pure Charge&Go; IX hearing aids stand out for their impressive battery life. The devices last up to 36 hours on a single charge, offering convenience and eliminating the need for frequent battery changes.

Advanced Technology

The hearing aids are equipped with dual processing chips that separate speech from noise. This feature creates the foundation for Signia's 2023 beam-forming update for multiple speakers.

Bluetooth LE Audio Compatible

The device is Bluetooth LE-audio ready for both iPhones and Androids, offering users the convenience of direct audio streaming.

User Experience with Signia Pure Charge&Go; IX

Signia's crisp, clear sound quality sets it apart in the world of hearing aids. Their innovative technologies, such as Own Voice Processing (OVP), offer a natural and comfortable listening experience by minimizing the sound of one's own voice. This feature is particularly helpful for new hearing aid users who may find their own voice to be too loud or unnatural during the hearing aid adjustment phase.

Signia's new technology is undoubtedly impressive, and with the assistance of their user-friendly app, it optimizes the ease of use for patients. The app can improve a patient's overall experience in wearing and managing their hearing aids, allowing for a better quality of life overall.

Pros and Cons of Signia Pure Charge&Go; IX

Like every product, Signia Pure Charge&Go; IX has its strengths and weaknesses. Below are some of the pros and cons of this device:


  1. Crisp, clear sound quality.
  2. High quality prescription hearing aid.
  3. Signia Assistant app feature.
  4. Rechargeable and disposable battery options.
  5. Dexterity-friendly charger.
  6. CROS compatible.
  7. Accessory options (e.g., TV streamer, remote mic, etc.) are easy to use.


  1. Premium price point.
  2. No ‘Find My Hearing Aid’ feature.
  3. Fewer color options available than some manufacturers.

Performance of Signia Pure Charge&Go; IX in Different Environments

Signia Pure Charge&Go; IX hearing aids perform exceptionally well in various environments. They are equipped with unique Integrated Xperience (IX) technology that isolates background noise and boosts speech clarity. This feature is especially beneficial in noisy environments, enabling users to focus on the conversation without any distractions.

The hearing aids also come with a feature called Own Voice Processing (OVP) that helps take the edge off of the uncomfortable sound quality of the user's own voice that many patients experience when adjusting to hearing aids. This feature significantly enhances the comfort of wearing the hearing aids, making it possible for users to wear them all day without any discomfort.

Concluding Thoughts

Signia Pure Charge&Go; IX represents the latest in hearing aid technology, offering subtle but noticeable improvements in speech discernment within noisy environments. Its strengths lie in its innovative features, like multi-beamforming technology, adaptive directional microphones, and its user-friendly app feature. However, the device may not appeal to individuals who prefer Behind-The-Ear (BTE) or Custom-molded In-The-Ear (ITE) hearing aids or those who require a "Find My Hearing Aids" feature. Therefore, potential users should weigh these considerations against their personal needs and preferences before making a purchase decision.

In conclusion, the Signia Pure Charge&Go; IX hearing aids are a commendable investment for those dealing with hearing loss. With their advanced technology and impressive features, they are designed to significantly enhance the auditory experience of users, enabling them to participate fully in conversations and enjoy a better quality of life.

Signia Xperience (IX) hearing aids are distinguished by their Xperience platform, which incorporates acoustic-motion sensors to analyze the wearer's environment and movements, adjusting sounds accordingly. This innovative approach ensures that users receive a balanced and natural listening experience, whether they are stationary or on the move, by capturing a 360-degree sound environment.

Signia Xperience (IX) hearing aids offer a high degree of customization through the Signia app, which allows users to control their hearing experience with precision. The app provides access to features like volume control, sound balance, and speech focus, enabling users to tailor their hearing aids to various listening situations. Additionally, it offers a TeleCare feature for remote support and adjustments by hearing professionals, enhancing the customization process.

Yes, Signia Xperience (IX) hearing aids boast excellent connectivity with both iOS and Android devices, leveraging Bluetooth for direct audio streaming. This connectivity extends to a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and certain TVs, facilitating effortless access to phone calls, music, and television audio. The Signia app enhances this connectivity with additional functionalities like remote control adjustments and access to virtual hearing care services.

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