Mobile Audiology

Since 1992, Professional Hearing Services has provided patients with mobile audiologist care. Our audiologists are expertly trained and educated in the field of audiology and hearing aid technology. We strive to stay at the forefront of emerging trends in hearing healthcare by attending conferences, trainings, and courses. We provide premier mobile audiologist service in the entire Denver Metro area and beyond by giving the patient exactly what they need, no more, no less.

Personalized Care Where You Are!

Each person has their own unique communication needs and varying degrees of hearing loss. We believe that good hearing is essential in maintaining and engaging your family, friends, and loved ones. Our patients are amazed by the level of commitment and compassionate care we provide. Our audiologists spend extra time to do a thorough case history, vetting out medical issues of concern and making the appropriate medical referrals if needed. We put our patients care and needs first. You will find us spending ample time getting to know the patient’s lifestyle, communication needs, and develop a better hearing treatment plan directly related for their own hearing and communication abilities.

Mobile Hearing Services

Hearing loss interferes with daily activities, from conversation to driving. As such, we understand how difficult it is to travel for comprehensive hearing services – so we bring the best in hearing healthcare to your door.

We keep our hearing services accessible to everyone, traveling far and wide in the Denver metro area. The most important part is that all of our services are provided directly to the patient in their place of residence, wherever that may be. Once you get in touch with us, our providers will make an appointment with you, whether it is the same day or within a few days. Our flexible hours mean that we can emergency service calls whenever you need us.

What to Expect From Our Mobile Services

All of our high-tech equipment is portable and small enough to carry with us. Most all of the homes in which we test are very quiet and we use insert earphones that meet the standards for ambient noise for hearing testing.

Before any testing actually begins, an audiologist will consult with you about your lifestyle. We’ll ask about your listening experiences:

  • what situations do you find it most difficult to hear?
  • What are the biggest barriers to hearing clearly?

We’ll ask about your daily activities and your employment to learn more about how our hearing services can best serve your lifestyle.

Following this conversation, our audiologist will administer a battery of hearing test that will give us more data on your hearing abilities. If a hearing loss is detected, we’ll be able to give you information about the type, degree, and configuration of hearing loss that you experience – and the best mode of treatment for your hearing loss.

The most common treatment for hearing loss is the prescription of hearing aids. As an independent audiologist, we carry all major and secondary brands of hearing aids. Included in these are: Signia, Starkey, Phonak, Unitron, Oticon, and Widex. We also provide hearing aids from brands such as Resound, Rexton, and Audina. Our specialists also provide professional hearing aid maintenance and repair (we can repair most all hearing aids except Costco, NuEar, Miracle Ear, Beltone).

Hearing Aid Fittings

No two people hear alike. With this in mind, we provide customized fittings for all of our patients. If the devices or earmolds are to be custom, then earmold impressions will be made immediately. Most customized hearing aids come back to us in about 5-10 business days, but earmolds do take longer. Your mobile audiologist will program the devices to your hearing loss and set up a time to meet to dispense the devices. The 30-day trial period begins when you get the aids. The trial period exists to assure that your custom devices improve your quality of life and enhance your communication with better speech understanding.

Hearing Aid Maintenance, Repair, and Adjustments

Our team is well aware of the diverse experiences of our patients. If you experience dexterity issues and need help accessing features on your hearing aids, we will work with you to find personalized solutions. If you have a caregiver or live in a facility with care available, we set up services to show them how to clean, put in/take out, change batteries, etc. There are easier options to choose from like automatic functions on the hearing aid, rechargeable battery systems, better fitting earmolds, etc. You should be able to hear no matter your circumstances and we will find solutions for you!

Should you experience any issues with your hearing aids, or require further adjustments, we will meet you where you are with our mobile services. Our team carries most hearing aid manufacturer software and programming cables with us. In some cases, in order to optimize fitting to the appropriate levels, a hearing test will need to be completed (or current within 6 months), then your aids can be reprogrammed according to your new test results. Real Ear verification is provided to make sure that your aids are amplifying the right frequencies. You will be given an opportunity to choose from 3 different programming plans for this and follow up care.

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