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Hearing Aids

What are the Best Hearing Aids available?

As an independent audiologist, we have access to the the Big 6 device offerings.  Based on our patients satisfaction rates and customer responses to actual hearing aid wearers, these products are currently the most successful for our clients:

Signia Primax Hearing Aid Technology        Starkey Muse Hearing Aid Technology

Starkey Made For iPhone Halo 2

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Choosing the Right Hearing Aid

The first step in this process is to have a diagnostic hearing evaluation by an Audiologist. Once the hearing loss has been identified and accepted by the patient, we work with you to help you choose just the right hearing aid to help your unique situation. Many aspects are taken into consideration, for example, your lifestyle, physical abilities, degree of hearing loss, budget, and personal preference. We believe patient education is vital at this stage, because the more you know, the better you feel about your decision.

The barriers that have prevented you from coming in prior to this are discussed and solutions are presented to help you understand there is positive help available. Our professional audiologists, with the expertise, education, and training, will give you choices that will directly meet your individual communication needs and desires.

We strive to achieve patient satisfaction for each of our valued clients. You will feel confident that you have made the right decision to pursue a better hearing solution.

When hearing aids are recommended, there are two major decisions to be made:

1. Size of the device (view hearing aid styles)

2. Technology level (see tables below)

Hearing Aid Pricing is unaffected by the size that is chosen, the pricing differences come from the level of technology needed. Sometimes, the size available to you is limited because of severity of hearing loss and physical (hand and fingers) limitations.

Hearing Aid Cost: Our modern hearing aid pricing is very competitive in the Denver market.  We have many options from the most basic hearing aid solutions at $625 each to the most sophisticated, state-of-the art hearing aid technology around $3195 each, and all price points in between. It is easy to do business with us, we accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, checks, no interest financing.

Please feel free to read and watch our videos on this site to learn more about the better hearing process. You will feel much better about getting hearing aids for yourself or a loved one. Once you feel comfortable with this information, contact us to schedule a hearing evaluation and to get a free listening demonstration of how the newest hearing aids will sound in your ears.

Levels of Hearing Aid Technology

Professional Hearing Services, Inc. believes that the path to hearing aid success comes from the personal touch and expertise from our doctors. We use a unique lifestyle chart to help organize the levels of technology. The different lifestyles are arranged to accomodate each place in life you may find yourself at this time, or the level of activity you want to be at with better hearing. Keep in mind, the more closely you match your lifestyle with a similar technology level, the happier and more satisfied you will be. We present it this way because a more active person will need much more sophisticated performance with active noise reduction, automation, and more volume flexibility to provide you the best speech audibility while reducing as much background noise competition as possible.

Top Tied Hearing Aid Pricing

Reserved Hearing Aid Pricing Table

Realistic Expectations for your Hearing Aid

Generally, two hearing aids are better than one. It can mean the difference between just hearing versus hearing and understanding.Your hearing aids should let you listen with less effort.It will take time to get used to your hearing aids. Be patient.Your hearing aids will not restore your hearing capabilities to the way they were before you developed a hearing loss.Not everyone will get the same benefit from hearing aids. The amount of improvement is determined by the nature of the hearing loss.Hearing aids do not eliminate background noise.In quiet environments, your hearing should get better.Your hearing with moderate background noise should improve.Your hearing with background noise is not going to be as good as your hearing is in a quiet environment.You should be able to hear when people speak softly.You should feel comfortable when others speak normally.Loud speech should sound loud, but not uncomfortable.You may begin hearing soft sounds that you couldn't hear before. Examples include footsteps, whispers, crickets, etc.Your eharing aids/earmolds should not hurt.You shouldn't hear feedback when your hearing aids rest in the correct position in your ears.Your voice should be different, but acceptable to you.If you have any questions or concerns about your hearing aids, please contact your audiologist for help.

Caring For Your Hearing Aid

Your audiologist will show you how to use your aid properly and how to care for it. This may take a few visits during the trial period. Stay in touch with your audiologist and discuss any problems. Be sure to ask questions if you need more information.

Daily Cleaning

Follow the instructions for regular cleaning provided by the manufacturer of your hearing aid. Wipe the aid with a soft, dry cloth or tissue. Never immerse the hearing aid in water or use any cleaning solvents. The cleaner and dryer you keep the aids, the longer they will last.

Controlling Earwax

Earwax can plug your hearing aid and interfere with sound transmission. Wax that gets inside the aid can also cause the electronic parts to fail and may require expensive repair. Your audiologist will show you how to clean the wax out and can suggest several types of wax guards that prevend buildup. If you have excessive wax production, you may need to have your doctor remove the wax from your ear at least once a year, if not more frequently.

Changing Batteries

Your audiologist will show you how to change the batteries correctly. Don't force the tiny batteries in. Batteries last from 5 days to a couple of weeks, depending on their hours a day you wear them, and how much power is required to amplify the aids. Keep a small supply of batteries on hand. Some types of hearing aid batteries fail suddenly. The batteries run constantly and then stop when extinguished, they do not gradually get low. Learn how to dispose of used batteries properly. Keep them out of the reach of children and pets. If swallowed or inhaled, they can cause serious injury. Contact your audiologist if you need to purchase more batteries. We also carry rechargeable batteries.

Special Precautions

Your hearing aid is a delicate piece of equipment. Care for it as you would a fine watch or camera. Do not expose it to water while bathing or swimming or to extreme heat or cold. Protect the unit from small children who may drop, mishandle or even swallow it. Do not leave it where it can be found by pets. Dogs find the high-pitched sound & earwax scent attractive and can quickly destroy the aid. You may wish to ask your audiologist about insurance to cover and damage or loss that occurs after the warranty expires.

Please feel free to watch our videos on our front page and be on the lookout for our soon to be available YouTube channel for many more videos. All hearing aid, hearing loss, care and maintanence, etc.