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Please visit the blog of Mr. Hannan to read his full experience with Professional Hearing Services, from his frustration at missing speech at work and at home, to his successful hearing aid fitting and how it has impacted his life.

" If you suspect hearing loss, go and get checked now. Hearing Aids are not magic, they are just highly sophisticated devices to address specific frequency amplification based on individual hearing loss (although I admit to being intrigued by the compression algorithms).

I can unequivocally recommend audiologist Dr. Jeff Baller in Lakewood, CO.

Professional Hearing Services in Lakewood, Colorado is run by an excellent staff. I have had the pleasure of interacting with Jeff Baller, Au.d., CCC-A and Dick Mowry, M.S., M.PH., CCC-A.

Their professionalism, and care for my unique requirements/thoughts, made the difference in my experience. I look forward to maintaining a relationship with their business as long as they, or I, remain in Colorado."

"We are very pleased that Dr. Baller has visited us promptly several times in our assisted living home.  He has performed much needed ear wax removal and it has been a Godsend to hear properly again.  For my husband, he tested his hearing and was fit with digital hearing aids that have changed his life and mine because we can now speak with each other without misunderstanding and frustration.  I would very much like to recommend Dr. Baller and his team of audiologists for anyone looking to improve their hearing.  The in-home hearing services are invaluable to us because we cannot drive and have no transportation.  Thank you"

Don and Ruth T.    Lakewood, CO

Dr. Baller,
Your rapid response and ability to accomplish so much, so quickly really helped keep my mother, Hazel, at her assisted living facility from getting frustrated, etc with her hearing loss. That particular week our family were really separated with all of us traveling the country, so we weren't able to 'do anything outselves' (e.g. drive her to appointments,etc) and your ability to do everything at her place of residence was most timely! We really appreciate your expertise, quick work, and assisting her have a positive experience! We would gladly recommend Professional Hearing Services to anyone who has a loved one in need of hearing assistance.
Thank you so much,

John M.
Greenwood Village, CO

Dr. Baller,
I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know, what a wonderful job you did and how you changed my life. I served in the United States Navy, onboard the flight deck of a carrier, basically around loud jets. We had hearing protection, however, you don't always have the time to protect yourself at all times. Once I got out of the military, I noticed my hearing was not as good as it use to be, but I ignored it because I felt too young to be wearing hearing aids. Well years had past and my wife and kids were getting upset with me for having the TV too loud or I was unable to hear them. In addition, my job requires me to attend many meetings, and I was not always able to hear and understand what my colleagues were saying. The background noise was too much for me. Again, I felt to young to be wearing hearing aids, but enough is enough. I was very impressed with your customer service and knowledge about my situation. Especially, that you had worked with many people my age. You showing me the latest technology and how small they were. You could not even see them! I felt very comfortable working with you. But what really impressed me most is that you were willing to meet me on my schedule, even making a house call! Who does this in this day and age. Also, meeting me at my work to make sure no tune ups were necessary. Now that is customer service at its best. Now, even better than that, bottom line!! I can hear again!! My life has improved considerably, and I can now interact with people without say, "What, I can't hear you". That is a big deal. Thanks so much for all your help. I will definitely refer my friends to you and Professional Hearing Services.

John P.C. M.
Highlands Ranch, CO

A beautiful Testimonial Poem written by D. Owens.....

This thing, I Wear
There is this thing in my ears I wear,
It’s called an Aid, for ears, so I can hear.
I never knew sounds could be so, clear.
It helps me hear the Birds sing so sweet
And the rain in the air, that is so neat!
There is a New Life for me now, I love.
But, most of All, I love the people who are so dear.
Who helped me get the Life, I missed for years.
Thank you for these Aids I wear.

I purchased my first set of hearing aids in 2008 from another company. Although the aids I purchased were the top of the line of a particular brand, from the very beginning I had trouble with them, especially with the whistling noise I constantly heard and my difficulty using the telephone while wearing the aids, even with numerous adjustments.

In October, 2011, I had seen an advertisement in a local newspaper about Professional Hearing Services and Dr. Baller, Board Certified Doctor of Audiology. The things that caught my attention in the ad were their claim that they were not tied to one particular brand of hearing aids, and that they worked with people with a variety of hearing problems.

After contacting Dr. Baller, I am totally thrilled with my new Siemens Hearing Aids. Dr. Baller has worked with me to resolve my issues with the telephone so that there is no difficulty in either making or answering calls. In addition, I have a remote that lets me talk via my cell phone within three feet from me by merely pushing a button and enjoying a conversation. The remote also enables me to adjust the volume on my television whenever I need to.

Because of the warm reception and help I received, I would certainly recommend Professional Hearing Services in Lakewood to anyone who is faced with the fact that they have a hearing deficit and need help. I look forward to a close relationship with them for many years to come.

Thank you, Dr. Baller

Kay H.
Lakewood, CO

We are so pleased with our experience with you. When one of my 97 year old mother's hearing aids was damaged beyond repair, you met with both of us to discuss her options. The new aids have boosted her hearing remarkably. As much of our family is spread across the country, her improved ability to converse effectively on the phone is wonderful. We are especially appreciative of the great service you have provided. Mom's skin is very sensitive and you made adjustments to the new aid -- even creating a new smaller mold for it -- until she was completely comfortable. Your clear explanations of every step of the process as well as the timing involved have made this all so easy. Since Mom is in a wheelchair now, the fact that you come to her Assisted Living Residence have saved us so much time, inconvenience and stress on Mom in particular. Thank you so very much. We heartily recommend you to anyone needing audiology services.

Donna B.
Centennial, CO

I have had severe difficulty hearing ever since serving in the Army for many years. I can hardly hear anyone without hearing aids. The hearing aids I received from Professional Hearing Services about 2 years ago are the best I ever had. I can now hear almost everyone with little difficulty. When I have a problem with my hearing, I always get prompt service from your Audiologists and would highly recommend your company to anyone!

Mike H.

After multiple hearing aid issues, you took the necessary steps to resolve the problems. You are a sweet person,very helpful, and I am very appreciate of the time you spend with me.

Lillian S.

My older hearing aids were working but not loud enough and kept giving me problems. I decided to gets new digital hearing aids that will help my understanding and have more volume. I am so happy to get my new hearing aids and hear much better. I am pleased how quickly I got the new aid. Thank you.

Madeline S.

I have had problems with wax in my ears and hearing aids. About every 3 months you come out and clean and check the hearing aids and remove the wax so it doesn't cause further problems. Thank you for making the nursing staff aware about how and when to clean the hearing aids on an ongoing basis. I like that you are available and quickly come to my home when needed. Thank you for spending time with me and getting to know me and spend time chatting to really know my situation. Thank you!

Theresa T.

My problem was loss of hearing from flying B-17's in WWII. Professional Hearing Services was very thorough in fitting my new hearing aids. I am greatly satisfied and enjoy my hearing aids. Thank you for your time and caring for veterans!

Byron P.

I am totally blind and I only have partial hearing in one ear. I have a lot of problems hearing people at a distance, especially in noise. My new hearing aid from Professional Hearing Services has helped me tremendously. I can enjoy the radio, hear others even in the dining room and do not have to strain to hear. You have provided me with an excellent hearing aid and very good service. I would highly recommend you to any of my family and friends. Thank you.

Lois J.