New Year's Resolution Get Your Hearing Tested

New Year’s Resolution: Get Your Hearing Tested

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Happy New Year! When you look back to 2019, what is the greatest obstacle you faced? Was there an ongoing struggle to feel happy, successful, or connected? Did you face a problem that seemed insurmountable? With the beginning of a New Year and “the 20’s” upon us, what better opportunity to look that problem square in the face and to decide to make a change! The problems that dogged us in the past don’t have to be permanent features of our lives, and we can transcend even the most entrenched habits. Just look to the incredible successes of inspiring figures through history. Although they might seem like heroes, they were just ordinary individual human beings, as well.

When it comes time to making a resolution for the New Year, it is important to set yourself up for success. That obstacle from last year might have gone even further in history, making it seem impossible to overcome. A few simple strategies can help you achieve your resolution for 2020!

Make Goals You Can Achieve

One of the best ways to achieve a New Year’s resolution is to make sure it is possible in the first place. If the obstacle you faced in 2019 seems impossible to change, try breaking it apart into component parts. Perhaps you felt sluggish and low-energy due to being overweight. Rather than pledging to eat only “clean” foods and exercise daily, take it step by step. Perhaps there is one type of eating you can eliminate first. If you are a sucker for an afternoon treat during those tired hours at the end of the workday, perhaps you can substitute that treat with a brisk walk around the building. You can come back with renewed energy from the fresh air. You don’t have to transform your entire lifestyle at once but rather to achieve one simple goal at a time.

Measure Your Achievements

Even once we have resolutions that are reasonable, sometimes we forget to keep track of our successes. If we don’t keep an eye on how we’re doing it’s impossible to celebrate the successes! Make a strategy to keep track of your progress. If your resolution has to do with reading good books rather than watching trashy television, perhaps you can make a way to keep track of the books you complete. Signing up for a social media site that tracks and shares your reading is a good way to share the success with others and to keep yourself accountable for future progress.

Reward Your Success

Positive reinforcement is much more enjoyable that punishment, isn’t it? Rather than berating yourself for the times you fail to achieve your goals, take some practical steps in the direction of celebrating the times you succeed. For instance, if your resolution is to be more connected to your family, you can make a time to celebrate that connection. Plan a party or a family activity for the midwinter, such as a trip to the movies together or even a weekend away. In this way, you are both acting on your goal and also celebrating the achievement that you made!

One New Year’s resolution that meets all of these benchmarks of success is to schedule a hearing exam. The process of setting up your appointment is as simple as a phone call or email, certainly something you can achieve. You don’t need to set up a lengthy process of measurement to track how you are doing with this goal; it is as simple as attending a quick, easy, and painless appointment with a hearing professional at Professional Hearing Services to diagnose your hearing ability. Once you have attended the hearing test, you can begin to reap the rewards of better hearing! Your relationships and mental health will see vast improvement when you are able to easily interact with your loved ones and the world around you, easing your state of mind and making it possible to communicate freely.

Professional Hearing Services

Why not make this resolution one you can check off the list in the first weeks of the year by scheduling your appointment? You won’t regret taking the first step in the direction of better, clearer, and easier hearing in 2020! Contact us at Professional Hearing Services today.