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Mobile Services

Mobile, In-Home Audiology Services

Mobile Audiology Services..... Providing Modern Hearing Care with old fashioned service!!  Entire Denver Metro area and Beyond

For your convenience, we deliver full Audiology services direct to you at your place of residence or office. Our Audiology House Calls, Hear Mobile and Home Visit premium delivery service for testing hearing, hearing aid repairs and sales, ear wax removal, and etc. is performed on site with our portable, modern High Tech equipment. Serving the entire Denver metro area and beyond! Specializing in Audiology services at Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Retirement Communities, and Home visits. To take advantage of our mobile services, EMAIL or Call us at 303-237-4967 to schedule an appointment today!   For additional information please visit our exclusive mobile website

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Advantages of In-Home Care

Our mobile services allows your Audiologist to take an in-depth look at how you hear in your home and living environment. We help set up your home for accessories for the phone, TV, etc. A more personalized setting to show strategies to optimize your hearing aid success. No more waiting for weeks to get a ride to an office, your just a phone call away from the hearing help you need and deserve. No better place to have you fitted and tested in the environment where you live or work.

Convenience -- We believe audiology and hearing healthcare services should be available to everyone. We can provide same or next day services and flexible appointment hours.

Our Reach Extends Far

Our Audiologists travel west to Evergreen, North to Windsor, Berthoud, and Loveland, East to Aurora, and South to Castle Rock, and everywhere in between. More and more facilities are contacting us because they heard we provide the most extensive, personal service for their residents hearing needs. And they realize that Better hearing equals a better quality of life for all of their residents.

Call us today at 303-237-4967 should you need Audiology Services in your home or facility!!

What sets us apart?

Why should you have to live with a broken hearing aid, wax in your ears, can't hear your physician, family, or friends, and feeling like you can't do anything about it? That's where our specialty is most effective. Our capability to perform the important audiology and hearing services needed by you in your own home. Many people may have transportation problems and may not have family in town to give them a ride. However, you still need to hear well. Whatever the reason, we are dedicated to providing a full range of audiological care in the comfort and convenience of your own home or office. You'll find our respond time is within a day or so, if not same day.

Mobile Audiology Services Offered:

* Hearing Evaluations

* Hearing aid cleaning and checks

* Loaner Hearing aids

* Ear wax Removal

* Hearing aid sales. All styles, technology, sizes, smart hearing aids, bluetooth devices, wireless hearing aids

* Digital Hearing aid programming or modifications

* Hearing and Selection and Dispensing

* Assistive Listening Devices - Amplified phones, Loops, Pocket talker, PSAP's, Caption phones

* Hearing aid repairs - tubing changes, earmolds, etc

* Hearing aid training and counseling

* Batteries, Remote controls, accessories, rechargeable battery systems, TV transmitters,

In addition to our professional fee for services rendered, our doctors charge a "Home Visit/ Travel" charge, that covers gas and travel time. Please ask for further details if needed.

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Where do you need us for In-Home Audiology and Hearing Aid Services? 

* Denver metro area and beyond 
       * Skilled Nursing Homes
          * Assisted Living Facilities
             * Retirement Communities
                * Memory Care 
                   * Hospice Care
                       * Independent Living
                           * Home Visits
                               * Hospitals
                                   * Rehab facilities

Concierge Audiology ServicesHearing is a quality of life issue and hearing loss can have a significantly negative impact on a person's life.  Our patients truly love and enjoy our concierge audiology and hearing service program because they receive the care they desire direct to them in the convenience of their homes.  We bring years of expertise and the best possible hearing solutions just for where they are in life.  Every one can benefit from our concierge program..... business executives, home bound residents, care givers, anyone with a busy schedule, etc.  Each appointment is specifically different from the next.  Every person hears differently and needs seperate solutions.  An individualized care plan is designed directly for them.  We are at your service to provide you with the highest quality hearing and audiology health care you can obtain.  Our doctors are ready to see you.  Call Today at 303-237-4967 orEMAIL for you discreet, in home appointment.