Hearing Aid Repair

There are many different types of hearing aids, and this can decide the maintenance they need. Some models worn in the ear will collect more earwax, while other models are exposed during the day to more of the conditions that may collect dirt and debris. If you have trouble with your hearing aid and are searching for a hearing aid repair in Lakewood, CO we're here for you.

Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips

Your hearing aids are an investment that connects you to family, friends, and the wider world. As such, it is vital to take steps to ensure they perform at their best, day in, day out. You can prolong your hearing aid's service life by integrating daily care for your hearing aids into your schedule.

Here's some routine maintenance you can do that will help extend the life of your devices:

  • Remove your hearing aids when applying make-up, hair spray, sun lotion, perfume, and aftershave as these substances can get into the system and cause harm.
  • Use a lightweight pad, fabric, or proper cleaning tool to clean your hearing aids to remove earwax, dirt, or moisture.
  • Store your hearing aids in a cool and dry location when not in use, and keep the battery pack open. This will help preserve battery power.
  • Using a moist cloth to clean the receiver tube and the receiver dome.
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